Appendectomy Recovery and Recommended Diet

The appendix contains a part human immune system which produces antibodies. When the organ becomes inflamed or swollen (called appendicitis), it may leak and infect abdomen area. In this situation, appendectomy surgery is necessary.

Surgeons commonly perform an appendectomy by making small incision in the belly area in order to allow access to remove the appendix. Appendectomy recovery may take days to three weeks depending on your condition, complications, and types of surgery.

Recovery Time for Appendectomy

recovery from appendectomyIn most cases, recovery time for appendectomy surgery is relatively short. You will be normally allowed to leave the hospital after 1 – days after the surgery. To get back to normal activities, you may need 2 to 4 weeks depending on the conditions.

If surgeon only makes small incision in the belly area during the surgery, you should be able to recover soon and immediately return to normal daily activities. In case the appendix is broken before or during the surgery, recovery time will be longer than usual. Of course, the recovery time is heavily affected by the existence of other possible complications.

Post Appendectomy Complications

As mentioned earlier, appendectomy recovery time is as well affected by the existence of complications. One of the most frequently encountered complications is infection of the surgical incision. In case of mild to moderate infection, you will be required to take antibiotics treatment. If severe infection occurs, antibiotics and further surgical procedures are necessary.

At times, the incision will not be closed immediately after the surgical procedures are completed. Surgeons may consider the infection of appendix is so severe; the surgical closing will have to be postponed until the infections subside. In the mean time, antibiotics treatment is given.

Another possible complication is the formation of abscess during the surgery. Occasionally, abscess is found before appendectomy; in such situation, the accumulation of pus needs to be drained before the surgery can be performed. It may take weeks to months for a complete removal of abscess because surgeons will perform appendectomy after the drainage is completed.

If the accumulation of pus is found after the appendectomy, another surgical procedure is necessary. The surgery may involve a tiny tube inserted into the body. Immobility is a common issue associated with such procedure. If severe complications appear, recovery time will be normally longer as well.

Appendectomy Recovery Diet

1. Liquids and foods which are easy to digest – To quicken the recovery process, it is recommended that you take certain types of diet program. Resuming to normal diet immediately after the surgery is not suggested. In most cases, solid liquid and foods should be avoided.

The most important thing is that you should only consume liquids and foods which are easy to digest. This diet restriction can accommodate the effects of anesthesia such as nausea and vomiting. Some of the most recommended clear liquids are gelatin, clear broth, and fruits without pulp.

Low-residue foods (types of foods that do not leave undigested substances in the colon) are as well good. You may need to consult doctors concerning the best types of foods to consume.

2. Bland foods – Another dietary recommendation is to consume bland foods. They are foods that do not have interesting or strong taste. Avoiding spicy or greasy foods will help to prevent gastrointestinal distress. Bland foods include rice, potatoes, or cooked chicken.

It is also necessary to avoid foods that produce intestinal gas, for example beans. Especially for laparoscopic appendectomy, surgeons fill the abdomen with air during the surgery; eating foods, which produce intestinal gas, will only increase the pain.

3. High fiber foods – Another common post-surgical issue is constipation. To accommodate this issue, high fiber foods are recommended. Of course, you will need to slowly add such foods to the dietary menu as a part of appendectomy recovery process.

Immediately resuming to high fiber foods after appendectomy will possibly increase or develop uncomfortable intestinal gas pain. Once again, it is recommended to consult to your doctors concerning the best dietary program following an appendectomy procedure.